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Completing this Survey is a 1o Minute - Do it Now activity and will give you the results that you need to complete an important component of the Personal Efficiency Program.  You must answer all the questions (hint - there are no right or wrong answers.  Just choose the response that best suits your first reaction to the statement).  We do not share your data and your survey results are not stored anywhere on our system.  If you have any questions, then please speak to your PEP Facilitator.

1. I enjoy tracking down and compiling data and information.

2. I feel de-energised when working constantly to unrealistically tight deadlines.

3. I am eager to start a new project even though I may still have work to do on existing projects.

4. Attending to minor details as they come up helps me to keep on track when I am working on a project.

5. I find it frustrating when work requirements change at very short notice.

6. I find work requests frustrating when there is not enough detail, or the output is unclear.

7. I feel energised at the start of a project.

8. I am not really interested in the big picture at work.

9. I like to find new ways of doing work.

10. I like to map out and plan all my work, no matter how small the task.

11. I like to keep my finger on the pulse of what is happening around me.

12. I multi-task whenever I can, and I quickly make decisions about what I should do next.

13. My workspace can get messy, but I can still find things easily.

14. I have a well-defined way of keeping track of all my deadlines.

15. I get distracted by other interesting things when I am working on a priority task.

16. I like to keep my task list up to date by checking it regularly.

17. I have revamped the way I organise my work many times, but nothing seems to stick.

18. I pay a lot of attention to what is happening at work right now – the future is of less interest to me.

19. I find myself losing interest in a project if the timeframe is drawn out.

20. I feel energised when I have a lot of different tasks and projects on my plate.

21. I like to have the time and mental space to develop thoughtful plans for achieving high quality results.

22. Working on lots of different things at the same time keeps my work interesting.

23. I prefer organising the details of a major work event rather than spending much effort on the broader objectives.

24. I work more efficiently when I am working on a wide range of tasks.

25. Punctuality at meetings is important to me and it bothers me when others show up late.

26. I get bored when I do not have enough variety in my work.

27. I tend to take on several projects at one time, even though my workload is already heavy.

28. I find abstract frameworks and models less helpful when I am doing my work.

29. I like to thoroughly map out all the steps in a complex piece of work.

30. I like to initiate work and be proactive rather than wait and respond to requests.

31. Clear deadlines work better for me rather than a general outline of timeframes.

32. I get frustrated when things change at short notice and muck up my planning.

33. I rush into new projects preferring to start without doing much thinking or planning.

34. I find the way our team organises information and documents is not helpful to me.

35. I feel more motivated when I am in control of my work.

36. Redoing work I have already finished because something changed feels like a waste of my time.

37. I am very specific and consistent in how I prefer to handle projects.

38. I like to work on projects with longer time frames.

39. I can miss key details and requests because I tend to jump quickly between tasks.

40. I feel disappointed when I cannot see an important piece of work through to completion.

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