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Coaches' Corner


Denis Healy

“The main reason I love this work is that it offers people the opportunity to think about their work in a way that leads them to a stronger sense of fulfilment and achievement. And of course this translates – always – to a better out of work life! "

Denis brought the Personal Efficiency Program to Australia in 1991, only six years after it had been established in Northern Europe.

An outstanding manager and coach, he is a mentor to many of Australia’s most forward thinking senior executives. He has coached several federal cabinet ministers, and the chief executives of major corporations in Australia and New Zealand.

In establishing IBT Australia and New Zealand, Denis had a founding principle: to assist people and organisations to achieve their real potential. Denis has over thirty years' business experience in a variety of senior management positions, particularly in consulting/services organisations.

Denis’s responsibilities as Executive Director of PEPworldwide include coaching with the very senior executives of strategic PEP accounts, and growing the PEP business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Denis is also Managing Director of IBT Australia, and President of IBT Asia Pacific.

"Many of us are so busy with the sheer amount of work that we have to deal with that we don’t have time to think about what we are doing, we just have to keep doing! It’s a great outcome when you can help someone to find the time to step back from the 'busy-ness', establish better clarity, then wade right back in to achieve the things in their job that really make a difference.”

Fiona Oliver

“My favourite PEP win was when one of my senior executive PEP participants told me that his improved productivity at work meant that he had stopped taking his laptop computer home every night to do catch up work. He felt less stressed because of this and less guilty that he wasn’t spending enough time with his family. What a great result for everyone – the senior executive, his family and his employer.”

Fiona has been working with PEPworldwide in the Government Services office in Canberra since 2002, but her personal experience with the Personal Efficiency Program began back in 1997 when she was the Strategic Planning Manager for a large organisation. In this role she would routinely return to her desk after a meeting to find her in-box overflowing with emails. In desperation she purchased Kerry Gleeson’s book The Personal Efficiency Program (How to get organised to do more work in less time) and, by following the suggestions in the book, she was able to master her in-box and take control of her work. She’s never looked back.

Fiona’s extensive public sector experience allows her to work successfully with Australian public service agencies to help individual officers, teams and senior executive staff improve their work habits, work organisation and effectiveness through the Personal Efficiency Program.

Helen Davison

“I recently saw a client out for a run during her lunch break. She told me that before PEP it was difficult to fit anything in and a lunchbreak was a once-a-week activity. Now she has the habits, systems and tools to achieve her 'Big Rocks' and keep healthy!  It is fantastic to see executives achieve their work-life balance through using the principles of PEP."

Helen was initially introduced to the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP), while working as the Learning and Development Manager at Trade New Zealand.

During an organisational-wide review, Helen recognised the potential that PEP had to help staff reach a new level of performance, and so initiated a pilot program which the organisation commenced in 1999. The success of this pilot led to Helen introducing and facilitating PEP  throughout Trade New Zealand, including training in North and Central America, South America, Canada, England and Europe.

In 2001 Helen joined PEPworldwide as a Training Consultant, working widely across the public sector in Wellington and nationally. Helen has also worked in numerous private sector and local government organisations.

Helen has 17 years' experience in learning and development, and human resources. In particular, Helen's expertise is in the development, design and implementation of organisational development initiatives, leading to organisational effectiveness. Helen works extensively coaching senior executives as well as facilitating groups.