Work overload putting top talent at risk!

Studies show employees fail to manage workloads


In times of almost full employment, a Talent Management program which focuses on the retention of the enterprises most valuable employees is essential, but two recently reported studies demonstrate that employees are “overloaded” and at risk.

The first study, by the Australia Institute, quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald on 27th October reported that “chronic overwork had become a creeping problem” and “one in four people are too busy to seek an appointment with a doctor.”

The second study, conducted by LexisNexis, and reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on 22nd October, stated that “overwhelmed by the torrent of data flooding into corporate workplaces, many (employees) are on the verge of breaking point”. Significantly, another finding was that “only one fifth of Australian employees have received training on how to handle the mass of information at work, despite 60 percent saying they require it”

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