PEP helps organisations achieve greater productivity through using their iPads more effectively.

Many professionals have no idea of the rich and varied functionality of their iPads, nor do they understand best practice regarding the use of iPads.


iPad Hints & Tips

The following are some suggestions for iPad best practice based on the recent work we have done with the many hundreds of people who have adopted iPads. If you find these suggestions are valuable, why not share them with your colleagues by suggesting they visit this website themselves?

Using an iPad to do your work

The iPad has been phenomenally successful. However, users can experience difficulties relating to the myriad of applications and the limited description for each of those applications. Associated with this is trying to understand the technology in such a way as to maximise its benefits.

iPad Articles

Here are some interesting iPad articles. Please feel free to download them and try them out.

Are you:

  • Slowly drowning in a sea of e-mail?
  • Constantly reacting, fire-fighting, or being overwhelmed by deadlines?
  • Unable to decide where to put all the email communication which is in your inbox?

PEPworldwide training programs help you to use your office technology efficiently to ramp up your productivity so you can get on top of your work and stay in control.

A case study

One of Australia’s four major banks wanted to develop a high performing culture and a sustainable competitive advantage that benefited their people, their customers, their shareholders and the communities in which they operate.

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What our clients say

"The system is so successful that I now find it hard to work without having completed a plan."

Judy Nicholl, Training and Development Manager, AFFCO New Zealand

"I liked the hands on approach during the PEP Sessions. We got to apply the learnings immediately while it was still fresh in our minds. Gaining feedback from our PEP Coach was really good, very personalised. I enjoyed this training more than any other training programs I have done in the past. I would recommend this to all employees within Canon."

Karina Alibudbud, Dealer Sales Co-ordinator, Canon

"One of the real benefits of PEP is team building. I am impressed with the way it gives people a common way of tackling work. The greatest benefit from PEP for me personally has been a real increase in self-confidence. This has enabled me to get on top of things at all times. I am pleased to report that the effects are immediate."

Glen Petersen, Director of Organisation Development, Lion Nathan Limited

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