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In today’s difficult economic times, control of business costs is paramount.

Individual time savings from PEP are typically at least 25%. This means that four people can do the work of five, and also, as a result of PEP, the work which is actually being done is directly focused on the high priority needs of the organisation.


PEP can deliver significant savings in electronic and paper storage and usage costs

Savings include items such as:

• hardware e.g. filing cabinets
• reduced floor space
• network usage, storage and backup of electronic information
• archiving records offsite.

What's more, our clients tell us their return on investment is realised after less than one month. Our participants tell us the payback is immediate!

By helping people to release their administrative burdens and achieve what matters most, we make people feel good about their work. They feel empowered, happier and motivated. This in turn means significant cost and time savings, increased employee energy, and greater employee retention. Put simply, a workplace full of PEP is a better place to be.

A case study

Australia’s increasing overseas involvement in various theatres of activity around the world is putting pressure on people within the department.

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