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Enabling effective business downsizing with PEP

Company downsizing is the most drastic organisational action possible, short of shutting the doors. As such, it is crucial it is done in a way that achieves the prime objective (presumably to cut costs or functions), while maintaining or enhancing the working arrangements of the people who remain. PEP has a strong track record in facilitating effective business downsizing.


PEP reduces the impact of company downsizing

Typically, each individual’s time saved through PEP averages at least 25%. Consequently, after PEP, four people can do the work of five. Additionally, in the case of downsizing, PEP helps teams develop agreed actions and behaviours within the new structure and ensures people and teams are up to speed quickly in their new roles, minimising down time.

Meanwhile, management sends a powerful message to remaining staff, indicating a willingness to invest in them by providing PEP tools and processes to enable them to handle increased workloads.


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