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PEPworldwide have years of experience helping people in government to be more efficient and effective at work.

Government departments are currently under a huge amount of pressure to streamline and make cut-backs to perform faster and better. PEPworldwide can help you to improve efficiency, changing forever the way your people work, by providing practical solutions to deliver immense time and cost savings.


Understanding your environment, empowering your people

PEPworldwide is the global leader in productivity and efficiency, and consultants have worked alongside local and national government departments in both New Zealand and Australia. Our transformational programs instill behaviour change theories through one-on-one coaching, so you see instant results which are maintained over time.

We understand your operating environment, with the increasing workloads and conflicting priorities that result from:

  • Increasing demands for additional and superior services, while revenues remain static
  • High competition for available resources
  • New reporting requirements and adjustments in funding contexts
  • Increased expectations and ongoing discussions regarding amalgamation.

What if you could discover an extra two hours, per day, for your department to focus on the key, high-priority aspects of their jobs? With PEPworldwide, you can achieve this, and so much more!  We help you to apply our extensive knowledge to your unique situation, providing strategies and coaching to get results.

Our expert consultants work closely with you to understand your specific needs, tailoring a practical solution and providing powerful tools to boost your department’s productivity.

PEPworldwide can help you, and your team, work smarter

We make a real difference by helping you to:

  • Become more organised: by organising workspaces, evaluating personal work habits, refining workflow processes and ensuring that staff both understand and fulfil their responsibilities
  • Align individual and organisational goals: by ensuring that everyone is working toward a common goal, with priorities that align
  • Plan more effectively: by using scheduling tools to prioritise tasks correctly, ensuring that the most important things get done
  • Become more efficient: by exploring personal responsibility theories and providing tools to increase effectiveness, achieving measurable results.

An example of ROI results

The flagship Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) was recently conducted in a local Australian government organisation, consisting of 900 staff, with the following outcomes:

  1. Pre-coaching reports indicated that staff spent an average of 15 hours per week on ‘work processes’ (such as organising paper and email).
  2. Following the introduction of PEPworldwide’s Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) principles, participants saw an average reduction of 7 hours, per week, in time spent on work processes.
  3. For an organisation of 900 people working 48 weeks a year, if just 25% maintain these work habit changes for five years, this represents 75,600 hours saved per year through PEPworldwide-initiated improvements.
  4. At a notional salary of $55,000 per annum per person, this equates in dollar terms to savings of over $2.1 million per year.
  5. Therefore an average annual investment of $200,000 in PEPworldwide programs for the 900 participants over a five-year period resulted in an ROI of more than 10:1.
  6. In addition, extra hours are now available for working on the organisation’s most strategically important activities.

Experience the productivity growth for yourselves

Experience a ‘better’ way of working and bring significant efficiency improvements to your department.

A case study

Australia’s increasing overseas involvement in various theatres of activity around the world is putting pressure on people within the department.

See the full Case Study


What our clients say

"PEP is the only program dealing with efficiency and effectiveness that actually works. While it is deceptively simple, it has powerful effect. I used it to underpin a significant downsizing of my organisation after a change of Government, and it really hit the spot. I am happy to support it."

Former Secretary of Australian Government Departments

"I would strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in streamlining and improving the office layout and processes."

Senior Manager, Administration, Commonwealth Bank

"It has definitely resulted in time saving for me – it is difficult to say how much with any accuracy, but at least ten hours per week. All in all, PEP is an excellent program which I recommend to anybody wishing to improve their work style and efficiency."

Head of Corporate Affairs, Westpac Banking Corp

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