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Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it!  See what some of our clients from all over the globe have to say about our training programs.



"I found PEP to have a practical approach– I loved being able to relate the PEP principles to actual work or existing scenarios. I thought that the program successfully catered to a variety of skill levels and working practices."

Wendy Statham, Senior Manager, Operational Risk and Compliance, ANZ

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"I think PEP has contributed to our corporate strategy by having everyone focused on working the same way at all levels within the organisation. For me, I found PEP much more practical than other training programs because it is focused on what you do and demonstrates how you should be working. The outcome of all of this is that I am spending much more time working on my big rocks [high impact important work]."

Scott Laurence, Production & Technical Manager, Gallagher Group of Companies

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"I gained benefit from PEP almost immediately. After the second day I had an important personal realisation and that is that I need to start and finish one thing at a time. I do this by using my calendar and putting time aside for one project at a time. PEP really addressed a significant problem for me which was the categorising, prioritising and allocating time for each work stream. I found PEP extremely practical and the best part of the course was the one on one coaching. Thank YOU "

Theresa Liebenberg, Community Fundraising Executive, Blind Foundation

"Before doing PEP we all experienced the same problems, for example, death by e-mail to a greater or lesser degree. PEP has now brought us closer together as a team and, as result of doing PEP, we all now have more time to focus on our Key Performance Indicators and by giving us tools to manage our time we can focus on our activities and goals which are linked to our corporate strategy. The 1:1 time with our coach was extremely valuable. It helped block in the learning from the classroom. The spacing of the program over the period of weeks was good because it helped us to practice what we have learned. The mix of classroom learning and time at the desk is different because it helps lock in what you have learned in the classroom. "

Simon Shaw, Procurement Category Manager, Gallagher Group of Companies

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"PEP compares very favourably with other training programs I have done because it influences how I work constantly and it isn't a training course just focusing on a small part of my role. Overall the greatest benefit of PEP for me is that I am now completing more work effectively."

Associate Director, ANZ Institutional

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"So far the 2 days spent on PEP has enabled my hopes to become tangible. I now feel satisfied at the end of each day and leave work (on time!) with a sense of achievement."

Teresa Shapleski, Nurse Consultant, Waitemata District Health Board

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"PEP is a very practical program and people work better together within a department when every person understands the PEP principles."

General Manager, Safety & Environment, Qantas

"It has definitely resulted in time saving for me – it is difficult to say how much with any accuracy, but at least ten hours per week. All in all, PEP is an excellent program which I recommend to anybody wishing to improve their work style and efficiency."

Head of Corporate Affairs, Westpac Banking Corp

"PEP teaches good, practical management skills. We saw results from the first day."

Managing Consultant, The Shell Company of Australia Limited

"I thought Kathryn was sensational! She showed a high level of professional ability combined with her knowledge of practical common-sense principles, which helped me take on her suggested ideas with ease, confidence and enthusiasm. I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

National Sales Manager

"I would strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in streamlining and improving the office layout and processes."

Senior Manager, Administration, Commonwealth Bank

"PEP is very practical as it teaches work habits which, without PEP, can take a lifetime to learn, and results can be seen instantly."

Country Manager, Cathay Pacific

"As a result of the one-on-one with my PEP Coach, I noticed immediate results - I was able to start changing my work habits from the very first session and the time-spacing of the program over a period of weeks allowed time for me to develop/change my work habits."

Cherry Ward, National Training Manager, The Travel Corporation

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"This program has transformed the way I work. My Customer Service has improved because I know exactly where all my documents are so any questions from customers I can answer quickly and professionally. It has also seen better relations within my team as I get back to their questions in a timely manner. I highly recommend the PEP program."

Jane Knipe, Senior Consultant, The University of Adelaide

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"PEP has helped us achieve the organisation Corporate Strategy by stripping out waste and complexity from our day-to-day processes. I am pleased to report that PEP is more practical than any other efficiency course that I have done in the past, that I achieved results virtually immediately."

Stephen Tudjman, Senior Legal Counsel, MLC

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"I said to my staff and to Susan when asked, that the PEP training received was to me the finest and best training I had ever had. I think what makes it so good, is how relevant it is to my day to day business, and also, if I may say so, how basic it is! It gets right to the point, without confusing you with all sorts of unnecessary detail which is so often the case with training."

Gary Brown, Managing Director, Ray White Real Estate

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"I gained benefits from the program almost instantly. It improved my use of the tools at my disposal and within the week I was using my Lotus Notes better and really planning for those 'Big Rocks' in my business. PEP is much more practical than traditional training programs since it gets down and dirty with the true aspects of our working lives. I've never seen such a program before and would very much encourage anyone to do PEP."

Anthony Simpson, State Manager, National Bank

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"I saw the benefits taking shape from Day 2. The team are now focusing on key tasks and have much better time management. The improvements to our productivity are significant. If anyone asked me I'd say 'You can't afford not to make the time to do it!'."

Paul Allen, General Manager - Marketing, Tabcorp

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"The benefits took shape immediately in terms of email and diary control. By having a clear desk with no visual clutter and distractions I feel more relaxed in the work environment. I'm helping Westpac achieve our corporate strategy because I'm focused on the big things with less time wasted on unimportant tasks."

Bernadette Connolly, Senior Manager, Westpac

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"The PEP program has helped me become more confident as a person, as well as in my role, by learning that I have control of my workload and I will perform according to how I manage my workload. I am better able to prioritise."

Elissa Caldwell, Sales Coordinator, Spirit of Tasmania

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"PEP is the most hands on, real time program I have ever undertaken. It takes into consideration our actual work environment and needs and allows us to immediately implement the ideas of PEP into our everyday working environment. PEP made us change old habits that we believed would be uncomfortable or even impossible to change."

Bob Holloway, Business Development Manager, Merrill Lynch

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"PEP has allowed me to organise my emails and workspace more effectively. I don't procrastinate as much and feel as though I have most issues under control. As a team PEP gave us ways to identify the end result, organise our time and focus on revenue generating activities."

Ravi Sriskandarajah, Relationship Manager, Merrill Lynch

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"I thought the PEP program was sensational! I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

Giles Gunesekera, State Manager - Retail Sales, Merrill Lynch

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"The 'do it now' approach to dealing with emails has reduced my inbox from some 700 unread emails to about 30, most of which I will tackle and immediately action in some appropriate manner."

Mark Morrison, Counsel & Head of Legal, Westpac

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"PEP has allowed me to reduce my hours while getting more done. The major benefit for me has been in being more organised. By being 'PEPed', I am working faster and more efficiently."

Ian Henderson, Director, Skills Farm

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"I found the PEP program very useful and one of the better training programs that I have attended. PEP is a practical program that gives results very quickly. I am now investing the time I have saved through PEP in concentrating on team building by planning work loads and priorities over the next 6 - 12 months."

Michael Miller, General Manager, Perpetual

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"PEP is one of the best programs I have ever attended. The greatest benefit for me is that I'm not running around like a chicken. I have more time to focus on what's important to bring money into the business. I have more time for priorities."

Rebel Bailey, Marketing Coordinator, Skills Farm

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"PEP is an extremely practical program; the one-on-one coaching is extremely valuable. PEP is great as it gives you time to implement; it also gives you time to fall back into the old "bad" ways and then reminds you of how you really should be working."

Craig Buller, Business Transformation Consultant, National Wealth Management

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"I liked the hands on approach during the PEP Sessions. We got to apply the learnings immediately while it was still fresh in our minds. Gaining feedback from our PEP Coach was really good, very personalised. I enjoyed this training more than any other training programs I have done in the past. I would recommend this to all employees within Canon."

Karina Alibudbud, Dealer Sales Co-ordinator, Canon

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"PEP allows me to achieve our 'Ask Once' initiative by keeping my promises and deadlines so I can ensure our customers are given the number one focus. PEP is the most useful training that I have done in over 16 years! PEP has given me the ability to manage my time more effectively so I could accomplish more tasks."

Lisa Thomson, Manager P & P Connect, Westpac

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"After the first day's session it was amazing how quickly the old paperwork gave me a chance to get used to the new skills and to practise them before going to the next step. The one-on-one coaching was very important and it was encouraging to know that the 'PEP coach' was coming back to keep me organised while I was turning these newly learned skills into a habit. I think this program would be beneficial for all office employees on all levels, even juniors before they get into bad habits."

Kelly Wickenton, Cashier Team Leader, Nestle Ice Cream

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"I found the program to be very practical and spacing the program over several weeks gave me time to work with the newly learned skills. The one-on-one coaching was important and I found it very easy to talk to 'PEP Coach' about my issues. It is the best course I have done."

Belinda Johnston, Distribution Administration Clerk, Nestle Australia

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"I gained immediate benefits from the program and found PEP to be very practical and straightforward. Other training programs assume you have prior knowledge of the techniques and strategies. PEP builds the foundations and works through the process. Thanks for your great program."

Stewart McCarthy, Team Leader, Primos Online Pty

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"PEP has really helped me. I have an awareness of a better way to work. The coaching helped me 'see' my problems and then provided me with tips to address these work issues. The on-going coaching and program support is the key to PEP's success within the workplace. In particular, I am now able to negotiate work within my 'peer team' in language that is common to us all."

Vince Hurley, People Capital Consultant - Employee Relations, IBT NZ

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"I would strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in streamlining and improving the office layout and processes."

Mike Starr, Senior Manager, Commonwealth Bank

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"Compared with other programs PEP is far superior. It helps you apply the skills you learn in the workplace: more importantly, in YOUR OWN workplace."

Helen Cook, HR Adviser, Tasman

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"PEP has addressed several problems: for example, communications are now received and acted on without follow up. In addition, productivity, communication, respect for others has improved morale. "

David Figgins, Country Manager - New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Cathay Pacific

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"We saw positive results from PEP after a couple of groups had completed the program. The follow-up process used also provided the opportunity to reinforce the PEP principles, leading to behavioural change. Thank you for introducing us to PEP, the results certainly prove the benefit of the program."

Vicki Moran, Human Resources Manager, NCR

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"The Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) offered me a way out of the mess I was getting into. I've been to time management courses before but PEP's "at your desk" follow up was the clincher. It is by far the best program I've been involved with because it was simple, direct and immediately showed results."

Sharon Sherry, Executive Assistant, AMP

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"The system is so successful that I now find it hard to work without having completed a plan."

Judy Nicholl, Training and Development Manager, AFFCO New Zealand

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"There is no doubt that we have gained productivity and extra time."

Ken Lewis, General Manager Safety and Environment, Qantas

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"Compared with other training programs PEP is very practical and very applicable. PEP has definitely led to increased productivity - less time repeatedly shuffling paper. The "do it now" principle gets things actioned or progressed quickly. I am pleased to say, PEP is the most practical program I have ever done - immediately applicable!"

Jan Mottram, General Manager - Human Resources, BellSouth

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"The 14 participants from the first and second group have noticed an increase in efficiency as well as a feeling of being in control of the paper. This is particularly highlighted in our travel area where the volume of paper is extremely high."

Heather Clarke, Manager Human Resources and Training, RCI Australia

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"One of the real benefits of PEP is team building. I am impressed with the way it gives people a common way of tackling work. The greatest benefit from PEP for me personally has been a real increase in self-confidence. This has enabled me to get on top of things at all times. I am pleased to report that the effects are immediate."

Glen Petersen, Director of Organisation Development, Lion Nathan Limited

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"The greatest personal benefit from PEP has been the feeling of being more in control of my working life. This not only helps me achieve more but also has a direct bearing on how I am perceived by customers - both internal and external."

Glen Vallis, Finance Manager, Pepsi Cola Bottlers Australia

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"PEP has given me control. I am now in a confident position to control much of my time. Paperwork has been reduced, prioritised and delegated. The discipline of PEP has given me a level of control and has meant a level of freedom."

W J Taylor, Technical Director, Castlemaine Perkins

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"PEP is the only program dealing with efficiency and effectiveness that actually works. While it is deceptively simple, it has powerful effect. I used it to underpin a significant downsizing of my organisation after a change of Government, and it really hit the spot. I am happy to support it."

Former Secretary of Australian Government Departments