PEP promotes leadership at packaging conglomerate

Our client, a major Australasian packaging company, identified a significant skills shortfall in the area of leadership.


Client issues:

The client believed the skills shortfall was placing a restriction on their ability to manifest their ambitious expansion plans. They contacted PEP in the knowledge that Vero, Lion Nathan, Fonterra, Telecom and many government organisations had integrated PEP with their leadership programs.

PEP’s response:

PEP developed a tailored response which gave the leaders the skills to find the time to implement the outcomes of the leadership development programs, and to make their own behaviour changes around the actions agreed during those sessions. In other words, PEP enabled the participants to lock in the leadership learning in which they and their organisation were investing so heavily.

By implementing PEP in association with their leadership development program, the organisation was seen as investing in its managers, and providing the means for them to develop the additional leadership capabilities. At the same time, PEP provided the tools for accountability for change by managers.


The documented outcomes demonstrate an average performance improvement of 42% with managers gaining an extra 2 hours per day to work on strategic issues.

Results from Personal Efficiency Program

• 27% improvement in efficiency
• 31% increased time spent on key priorities
• Reactive time reduced by 47%
• Stress reduced by 36%
• Procrastination reduced by 48%.

The graph below averages the percentage improvement estimated by participants over a range of areas of personal efficiency.

What our clients say

"PEP has given me control. I am now in a confident position to control much of my time. Paperwork has been reduced, prioritised and delegated. The discipline of PEP has given me a level of control and has meant a level of freedom."

W J Taylor, Technical Director, Castlemaine Perkins

"I thought the PEP program was sensational! I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

Giles Gunesekera, State Manager - Retail Sales, Merrill Lynch

"After the first day's session it was amazing how quickly the old paperwork gave me a chance to get used to the new skills and to practise them before going to the next step. The one-on-one coaching was very important and it was encouraging to know that the 'PEP coach' was coming back to keep me organised while I was turning these newly learned skills into a habit. I think this program would be beneficial for all office employees on all levels, even juniors before they get into bad habits."

Kelly Wickenton, Cashier Team Leader, Nestle Ice Cream

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