PEP mainstay of bank’s culture change

The key concern identified by the bank, one of Australia’s four major banks, in the context of this consultancy, was that each business unit had their own approach to achieving the new and required performance standards and to accelerating the required cultural change.


Client Issues:

This particular business unit had identified leadership as an underdeveloped key competency across the senior to middle management ranks of the team (2000 people).

PEP’s response:

PEP recognised that managers had neither the focus, the time nor the opportunity to develop the required leadership capability.

Based on our PEP and execPEP programs, we changed forever the way the managers worked. PEP's multi-session, "at the workstation", coaching-based methodology instilled productivity practices for the managers to get more important things done – in this case, the development of management competencies.

Managers were able to handle their existing workload at the same time as participating in development programs and completing leadership enhancing assignments.


Client feedback identified that the managers:

  • had brought more structure to their day to day operations
  • were more efficient with emails
  • were organising their time more efficiently
  • were allocating “time in the calendar” for leadership development.

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