PEP facilitates process improvement for motor vehicle distributor

Our client, in completing a competency assessment, had identified a large gap in their planning, organising and managing work.  They also wanted their recent IT systems upgrade to be further enhanced and embedded with sound work habits and workflow.


Client issues:

  • As well as requiring help with their planning, organising and and managing work and enhancing their IT upgrade, the client was equally concerned that Process Improvement, one of their core operational values, was not occurring
  • Similarly, there was an international Clear Desk Policy within this organisation, yet most desks were very cluttered
  • At the same time, the international parent company, one of the world’s largest, required annual efficiency dividends from the local operation, placing additional pressure on them individually and organisationally.
  • Importantly, our client had a strong value of providing emploees with work-life balance, with the organisation providing active support for that balance.

PEP’s response:

Our PEP consultants met with the client to understand their specific needs and fashioned a program for the employees. While emphasising the workplace organisation and planning and prioritising principles of PEP, we placed an additional emphasis on the client’s workplace values.

PEP was positioned as a foundation tool for the organisation to achieve work-life balance, to reduce workplace stress, and to minimise staff turnover.


Because the concept of continuous improvement underpins PEP, the program received an enthusiastic response.

PEP became part of their culture. At the conclusion of the exercise, the client made the decision that PEP was “the way we will work” from now on and PEP was incorporated into their new employee induction program.

The commissioning executive’s comments were:

  •  "Our people now have time to initiate process improvement within their immediate work areas, and review the ‘root’ problem."
  •  "They have improved focus on their organisational projects, with a common framework to plan and execute them against realistic timeframes."
  •  "We have noted a shift away from easy responses with urgent work towards more focus on the ‘important not urgent’ projects."
  •  "Pleasingly, we now have developed a culture of efficiency when dealing with email, voicemail and Lotus."

PEP changes forever the way people work.

What our clients say

"I thought Kathryn was sensational! She showed a high level of professional ability combined with her knowledge of practical common-sense principles, which helped me take on her suggested ideas with ease, confidence and enthusiasm. I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

National Sales Manager

"It has definitely resulted in time saving for me – it is difficult to say how much with any accuracy, but at least ten hours per week. All in all, PEP is an excellent program which I recommend to anybody wishing to improve their work style and efficiency."

Head of Corporate Affairs, Westpac Banking Corp

"I gained immediate benefits from the program and found PEP to be very practical and straightforward. Other training programs assume you have prior knowledge of the techniques and strategies. PEP builds the foundations and works through the process. Thanks for your great program."

Stewart McCarthy, Team Leader, Primos Online Pty

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