New bank MD makes impact with PEP

A new managing director was appointed to one of the bank’s high worth business units. The MD’s aim was to beat the bank’s competitors by breaking away from the traditional bank culture by restructuring his organisation and by the employment of some new direct reports.


Client issues:

The MD made an organisational-wide commitment to PEP, demonstrated an eagerness to invest in the bank’s people, expressed a desire to see measurable and sustainable results from the PEP investment and wanted to see a clear link between PEP and the unit’s business strategy.

PEP’s response:

execPEP helped the new executive team to focus on achieving business objectives and PEP was used to ensure these objectives were executed by the teams below the executive level.


The outcome was one of sustainable change.

  • Clearer planning of activities. Greater awareness of commitments. Questioning of the task/of the need for the meeting more often
  • Organising time more efficiently. Allocating “my time” in the diary. Deciding what to do with emails (less procrastination)
  • More efficient use of my time and the team’s time. Tidier, more flowing workspace. “I’m Doing it Now”
  • Day to day operations are more structured, allowing managers to work more effectively and efficiently
  • Better consistent organisation of paper and electronic and Outlook documents/messages leading to quicker access to information. Removing clutter. Better informed about impacts to schedules when changes occur.

What our clients say

"I thought the PEP program was sensational! I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

Giles Gunesekera, State Manager - Retail Sales, Merrill Lynch

"The greatest personal benefit from PEP has been the feeling of being more in control of my working life. This not only helps me achieve more but also has a direct bearing on how I am perceived by customers - both internal and external."

Glen Vallis, Finance Manager, Pepsi Cola Bottlers Australia

"PEP has allowed me to reduce my hours while getting more done. The major benefit for me has been in being more organised. By being 'PEPed', I am working faster and more efficiently."

Ian Henderson, Director, Skills Farm

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