Multinationals make it with movePEP

This case study records the benefits of movePEP implementations experienced by the regional office of five large corporations: DHL, Ernst and Young, Ford, Hewlett Packard and NCR.



Each organisation had a settled workforce with unexceptional but superficially efficient and effective work practices among its people. In each instance, a large regional HQ was moving more than 500 people to newer, improved offices, with updated furniture, an upgraded office fit-out, new equipment and software.

Client issues:

In every instance, the organisation’s primary objective was to minimise the downtime inherent in moving, and to save money through greater efficiencies and by discarding waste.

An additional objective for each client was to take advantage of a physical relocation - moving office - to effect cultural change amongst those moving, introducing better ways of working and agreed protocols around information handling, information retention and interruptions in the new work spaces.

PEP’s response:

Our objective was to have every knowledge worker working productively again within an hour of getting into their new location. At the same time, we aimed to eliminate waste, leading to direct savings in moving and storage costs.

We implemented movePEP with those staff moving offices before the actual relocation. Our expert consultants worked closely to understand the clients' specific needs - and then customised our tools and resources to add components designed to make the move easier and to give effect to the desired cultural change.


The movePEP programs for the five locations averaged the following results:

  •  86 kilos of paper discarded per person = $283.50 savings
  •  2.7m of filing space per person = $275 savings
  •  .28 square metres of space reduction per person = $110 per year.

This translated to total direct savings of $668.50 per person.  This saving was in addition to the indirect savings which PEP always delivers, such as time savings per person of at least 1.5 hours a day, at least 25 percent more time spent on planning, and a 30 percent increase on the time spent on the strategic and operational imperatives of each participant's job.

What our clients say

"I saw the benefits taking shape from Day 2. The team are now focusing on key tasks and have much better time management. The improvements to our productivity are significant. If anyone asked me I'd say 'You can't afford not to make the time to do it!'."

Paul Allen, General Manager - Marketing, Tabcorp

"PEP has addressed several problems: for example, communications are now received and acted on without follow up. In addition, productivity, communication, respect for others has improved morale. "

David Figgins, Country Manager - New Zealand and Pacific Islands, Cathay Pacific

"The Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) offered me a way out of the mess I was getting into. I've been to time management courses before but PEP's "at your desk" follow up was the clincher. It is by far the best program I've been involved with because it was simple, direct and immediately showed results."

Sharon Sherry, Executive Assistant, AMP

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