movePEP minimises relocation disruption

This case study documents the combined results of six separate relocations for a global professional services firm.


Client issues:

Our client was aware of the extended downtime they had suffered when they had previously moved their offices from one location to another. It had been three or four days before their knowledge workers were “up and running”, with severe consequences for customer service and other ongoing work. And occasionally, important information was simply lost during the move, meaning it had to be recreated – another unproductive, time consuming activity.

PEP’s response:

Our objective was to have every knowledge worker working productively within an hour of getting into their new location. At the same time, we aimed to eliminate waste, leading to direct savings in moving and storage costs.

We implemented movePEP with those staff members moving offices before the actual relocation. Our expert consultants worked closely to understand the client's specific needs and then customised our tools and resources to add components designed to make the move easier.


The movePEP programs with six locations averaged total direct savings of almost $700 per person.

Importantly, meetings with billable clients were scheduled as normal on the Monday following the move – that is, the firm operated immediately as if the move had NOT in fact taken place, resulting in their calculations of indirect savings of over $3500 per person.

Additionally, of course, the client reported the typical PEP ongoing saving of 1.5 hours per day per person.

PEP clients tell us their return on investment is realised after less than one month. PEP participants tell us the payback is immediate!

What our clients say

"I thought the PEP program was sensational! I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

Giles Gunesekera, State Manager - Retail Sales, Merrill Lynch

"The greatest personal benefit from PEP has been the feeling of being more in control of my working life. This not only helps me achieve more but also has a direct bearing on how I am perceived by customers - both internal and external."

Glen Vallis, Finance Manager, Pepsi Cola Bottlers Australia

"I gained immediate benefits from the program and found PEP to be very practical and straightforward. Other training programs assume you have prior knowledge of the techniques and strategies. PEP builds the foundations and works through the process. Thanks for your great program."

Stewart McCarthy, Team Leader, Primos Online Pty

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