Increased sales signify PEP success

Our client was the telephone sales division of a large Australasian corporation. The division consisted of 50 internal sales people responsible for selling advertisements in a directory publication.


Client issues:

As well as being under general competitive pressure, this division had to peform better – it was currently performing below market benchmarks. The division’s manager was convinced that the output of the salespeople could only be improved if they were able to focus their attention on their selling role. The key to this would be more efficient working practices.

PEP's response:

Before implementing PEP, the division manager and PEPworldwide developed a number of specific measures by which the success of the program would be determined. These, in turn, would be combined with a number of existing performance measures. The content of PEP was tailored to ensure that these outcomes were met.


As a result of improving their personal work processes through PEP, the participants were better organised, enabling them to spend more time in planning their calls and actually listening to clients and establishing their real needs. The salespeople also planned their overall work better and began their sales campaigns much earlier in the cycle, identifying milestones and accountabilities for their supervisors.

The performance improvements were dramatic with all benchmarked items improving by a minimum of 145% and, for example, a 210% increase in the number of sales closed (per month).

Another very important outcome was that the team were able to plan their work more effectively, which meant that they avoided the last minute ”panic” previously associated with multiple campaigns closing at the same time.

PEP‘s multi-session, "at the workstation", coaching-based methodology instils productivity practices for participants to get more important things done. We help organisations achieve greater productivity, and immense time and cost savings.

What our clients say

"I liked the hands on approach during the PEP Sessions. We got to apply the learnings immediately while it was still fresh in our minds. Gaining feedback from our PEP Coach was really good, very personalised. I enjoyed this training more than any other training programs I have done in the past. I would recommend this to all employees within Canon."

Karina Alibudbud, Dealer Sales Co-ordinator, Canon

"One of the real benefits of PEP is team building. I am impressed with the way it gives people a common way of tackling work. The greatest benefit from PEP for me personally has been a real increase in self-confidence. This has enabled me to get on top of things at all times. I am pleased to report that the effects are immediate."

Glen Petersen, Director of Organisation Development, Lion Nathan Limited

"I gained benefits from the program almost instantly. It improved my use of the tools at my disposal and within the week I was using my Lotus Notes better and really planning for those 'Big Rocks' in my business. PEP is much more practical than traditional training programs since it gets down and dirty with the true aspects of our working lives. I've never seen such a program before and would very much encourage anyone to do PEP."

Anthony Simpson, State Manager, National Bank

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