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While our client was under no particular or immediate threat from its competitors, the regional management was concerned that its middle and senior executives were becoming bogged down in detail, and working harder that they needed to.


Client issues:

The client’s management commissioned us to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their senior staff. They were concerned about the number of meetings that were occurring, as well as the amount of time wasted by them trying to find information – both paper and electronic.

PEP’s response:

PEP’s most successful clients come from widely different sectors, both public and private. They are characterised by an organisational-wide commitment to our programs, their eagerness to invest in their people, a desire to see measurable and sustainable results from this investment and a link to their business strategy.

We fashioned a series of PEP workshops which were delivered across three locations over a twelve-month period. 240 middle and senior executives attended the three day PEP programs. The aim of the workshops was to improve the way that the executives organised and managed their work, maintained their information, and concentrated their effort on their important operational and strategic deliverables. We also targeted frustrations expressed around ineffective meetings.


The results, which are presented below, were simply stunning:


Activity  Before PEP  After PEP  Reduction % 
Looking for information  1.5  0.4  73%
Handling paper in tray  1.2  0.3  75%
Handling email in box  4.7  3.8  19%
Attending ineffective meetings  0.7  0.1  86%
Working on backlogs  1.9  1.0  47%
Working Overtime  6.2  5.4  13%
Handling interruptions  3.1  2.7  13%
Doing non-delegated work  3.8  3.0  21%
TOTAL  23.1  16.7   28%
Planning  2.3  3.3  44%

 The weekly average hours saved per person was 6.4 hours!

What our clients say

"One of the real benefits of PEP is team building. I am impressed with the way it gives people a common way of tackling work. The greatest benefit from PEP for me personally has been a real increase in self-confidence. This has enabled me to get on top of things at all times. I am pleased to report that the effects are immediate."

Glen Petersen, Director of Organisation Development, Lion Nathan Limited

"After the first day's session it was amazing how quickly the old paperwork gave me a chance to get used to the new skills and to practise them before going to the next step. The one-on-one coaching was very important and it was encouraging to know that the 'PEP coach' was coming back to keep me organised while I was turning these newly learned skills into a habit. I think this program would be beneficial for all office employees on all levels, even juniors before they get into bad habits."

Kelly Wickenton, Cashier Team Leader, Nestle Ice Cream

"I thought the PEP program was sensational! I saw real results immediately for myself and my team."

Giles Gunesekera, State Manager - Retail Sales, Merrill Lynch

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