Flexible PEP for bank branch network

One of Australia’s four major banks wanted to develop a high performing culture and a sustainable competitive advantage that benefited their people, their customers, their shareholders and the communities in which they operate.


Client issues:

From past experience the bank understood how PEP changed forever the way their people worked in their head office. They wanted to extend PEP’s benefits to the branch network in such a way that the training and coaching sessions provided the same benefits that they had provided to those who work in teams located at a single site. At the same time they were anxious that the time taken out for PEP coaching did not have a negative impact on customer service.

PEP’s response:

PEP tailored the structure of the programs so that sessions could be conducted at flexible times which suited the particular branch and also trained the managers to conduct some of the ongoing coaching.


The client was delighted with overall feedback:

  • Better and more consistent organisation of paper, electronic and Outlook documents/messages leading to quicker access to information.
  • Removal of a lot of clutter
  • Clearer planning of activities
  • Better information about impacts on schedules when changes in planned activities occur.

PEP’s best results come from coaching clients on their own work at their place of work. PEP has been presented in offices, cars, factories, casinos, high security locations and even on farms, trading floors and oil rigs!

Wherever people work, PEP will work!

What our clients say

"Compared with other training programs PEP is very practical and very applicable. PEP has definitely led to increased productivity - less time repeatedly shuffling paper. The "do it now" principle gets things actioned or progressed quickly. I am pleased to say, PEP is the most practical program I have ever done - immediately applicable!"

Jan Mottram, General Manager - Human Resources, BellSouth

"PEP has given me control. I am now in a confident position to control much of my time. Paperwork has been reduced, prioritised and delegated. The discipline of PEP has given me a level of control and has meant a level of freedom."

W J Taylor, Technical Director, Castlemaine Perkins

"I would strongly recommend the program to anyone interested in streamlining and improving the office layout and processes."

Mike Starr, Senior Manager, Commonwealth Bank

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