PEP gets a “clean bill of health” in the health sector

Health workers are under increasing levels of stress, often as a result of under-funding, rapidly changing technology and increasingly demanding administrative tasks (often government mandated), leaving less time for “hands on” activities.


PEP passes "health check" with flying colours

In this climate any non-technical training would really have to prove its worth. PEP has been conducted in hospitals, ministries and health funds with people in such diverse roles as nurses, doctors, mental health professionals, radiology staff and human resource team members.

In this demanding environment, PEP has demonstrated long-term, positive and sustainable behaviour change. For example, one district health board in New Zealand followed up 32 staff a full 8 months after they attended the PEP training. The feedback from participants was a powerful endorsement of PEP:

  • 84% rated PEP as "high value" or "very high value"
  • 97% would "recommend this course to others"
  • As a result of doing PEP, 94% felt "more in control of their work" and 94% felt "more in control of their workspace".

On a range of 11 key measures to identify if participants were still using PEP specific practices the results ranged from a high of:

  • 100% to a low of 83% using the gradings of "sometimes", "regularly" and “always”, and
  • 97% to a low of 30% if only the two categories of “always” and “regularly” are

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