PEP bolsters merger of government departments

Our client had identified that processes had slipped and administrative tasks were suffering and they were in need of a common way of working.


Client issues:

The Ministry had been through more than 2 years of constant and large scale change, including:

  • The majority of staff having moved to new premises
  • The implementation of a framework for growth in people and capability
  • The complete integration of another agency.

Our client identified the following issues:

  • Processes had slipped and administrative tasks were suffering
  • The need for a common way of working, which meant common practices, principles and language which all staff could share, agree on and relate to
  • Their people needed the tools to be able to process their work logically and to prioritise those aspects of their jobs that contributed to the Ministry’s overall strategic goals
  • The impact on performance of huge volumes of information, flow particularly via email
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness with GroupWise and, later, Outlook (Windows/Outlook was “rolled out” during our engagement).

PEP’s response:

We conferred with all the team managers to identify the issues that were most affecting their ability to complete their key tasks.

We then fashioned a series of PEP workshops, which were delivered across the directorate over an 18-month period. The aim of the workshops was to improve the way in which the executives and their teams organised their work, maintained their information, and concentrated their effort on their important operational and strategic deliverables.


PEP‘s multi-session, "at the workstation", coaching-based methodology instilled productivity practices for participants to get more important things done. PEP helped the organisation achieve greater productivity, and immense time and cost savings.

Across the directorate, more than 2 hours per person per day were gained to be concentrated on their more important work.

Part of these savings were redirected into planning their work, with a 72% increase in this aspect. This meant that people had a clearer idea of what they were doing, and why they were doing it, as well as a precise understanding of how they were to achieve the time and quality outcomes required by the organisation.

What our clients say

"PEP has really helped me. I have an awareness of a better way to work. The coaching helped me 'see' my problems and then provided me with tips to address these work issues. The on-going coaching and program support is the key to PEP's success within the workplace. In particular, I am now able to negotiate work within my 'peer team' in language that is common to us all."

Vince Hurley, People Capital Consultant - Employee Relations, IBT NZ

"There is no doubt that we have gained productivity and extra time."

Ken Lewis, General Manager Safety and Environment, Qantas

"I gained immediate benefits from the program and found PEP to be very practical and straightforward. Other training programs assume you have prior knowledge of the techniques and strategies. PEP builds the foundations and works through the process. Thanks for your great program."

Stewart McCarthy, Team Leader, Primos Online Pty

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