Department transported to a new level of capability

Over 5 years ago a large government department was about to embark on reducing its workforce from 1,300 to 650 staff. Importantly, this was to be achieved without reducing the amount of work that the department needed to carry out.


Client issues:

The Secretary elected to offer his people the skills to handle the period of change, and to manage the increased workload after the downsizing. He made it very clear that everyone would have to carry out the department’s usual workload, but that he was willing to support them.  It was a classic case of wanting to accomplish “more with less”.

PEP’s response:

Based on the results of a pilot program in the organisation, the Secretary funded PEP for:

  • All of his SES level staff
  • The SES’s feeder groups
  • The Minister
  • The Minister’s office.

Other staff were able to participate, though they had to fund PEP from their own budgets.


Over the next three years about 75% of the department attended PEP. They were able to achieve the initial objective of maintaining their service delivery despite a halving of their workforce.

When the Secretary was subsequently promoted to Secretary of a much larger department he introduced PEP to his executive team and that department has been consistently implementing PEP ever since.

The secretary wrote: "PEP is easy to support – it’s simply the best and only mechanism I’ve come across that actually works."

What our clients say

"PEP is the only program dealing with efficiency and effectiveness that actually works. While it is deceptively simple, it has powerful effect. I used it to underpin a significant downsizing of my organisation after a change of Government, and it really hit the spot. I am happy to support it."

Former Secretary of Australian Government Departments

"I saw the benefits taking shape from Day 2. The team are now focusing on key tasks and have much better time management. The improvements to our productivity are significant. If anyone asked me I'd say 'You can't afford not to make the time to do it!'."

Paul Allen, General Manager - Marketing, Tabcorp

"I found the PEP program very useful and one of the better training programs that I have attended. PEP is a practical program that gives results very quickly. I am now investing the time I have saved through PEP in concentrating on team building by planning work loads and priorities over the next 6 - 12 months."

Michael Miller, General Manager, Perpetual

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