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Case Studies

Over the years PEPworldwide has changed forever the way countless companies and government departments work.  We love what we do and derive a deep satisfaction from observing the tangible difference we make and the benefits we bring to our clients.  Below is a sample of some of our case studies.



Fleet sales organisation becomes more fleet of foot with PEP

Our client is in a highly competitive and price-sensitive sector. They identified a range of opportunities to improve their performance.

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Flexible PEP for bank branch network

One of Australia’s four major banks wanted to develop a high performing culture and a sustainable competitive advantage that benefited their people, their customers, their shareholders and the communities in which they operate.

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Global professional services firm takes PEP into account

While our client was under no particular or immediate threat from its competitors, the regional management was concerned that its middle and senior executives were becoming bogged down in detail, and working harder that they needed to.

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Increased sales signify PEP success

Our client was the telephone sales division of a large Australasian corporation. The division consisted of 50 internal sales people responsible for selling advertisements in a directory publication.

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movePEP minimises relocation disruption

This case study documents the combined results of six separate relocations for a global professional services firm.

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Multinationals make it with movePEP

This case study records the benefits of movePEP implementations experienced by the regional office of five large corporations: DHL, Ernst and Young, Ford, Hewlett Packard and NCR.

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New bank MD makes impact with PEP

A new managing director was appointed to one of the bank’s high worth business units. The MD’s aim was to beat the bank’s competitors by breaking away from the traditional bank culture by restructuring his organisation and by the employment of some new direct reports.

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PEP facilitates process improvement for motor vehicle distributor

Our client, in completing a competency assessment, had identified a large gap in their planning, organising and managing work. They also wanted their recent IT systems upgrade to be further enhanced and embedded with sound work habits and workflow.

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PEP mainstay of bank’s culture change

The key concern identified by the bank, one of Australia’s four major banks, in the context of this consultancy, was that each business unit had their own approach to achieving the new and required performance standards and to accelerating the required cultural change.

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PEP promotes leadership at packaging conglomerate

Our client, a major Australasian packaging company, identified a significant skills shortfall in the area of leadership.

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Department transported to a new level of capability

Over 5 years ago a large government department was about to embark on reducing its workforce from 1,300 to 650 staff. Importantly, this was to be achieved without reducing the amount of work that the department needed to carry out.

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PEP bolsters merger of government departments

Our client had identified that processes had slipped and administrative tasks were suffering and they were in need of a common way of working.

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PEP gets a “clean bill of health” in the health sector

Health workers are under increasing levels of stress, often as a result of under-funding, rapidly changing technology and increasingly demanding administrative tasks (often government mandated), leaving less time for “hands on” activities. In this demanding environment, PEP has demonstrated long-term, positive and sustainable behaviour change.

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PEP helps fight costs in Australian government department

Australia’s increasing overseas involvement in various theatres of activity around the world is putting pressure on people within the department.

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