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Frequently Asked Questions


Is PEP a system?

PEP is not a system. It is a set of sound, commonsense working principles. The principles can be adapted to any “white collar” working environment, and it doesn’t matter whether you work with mainly paper or electronic systems, or use Outlook, Lotus notes or any other email handling, calendar and organising system.

Is PEP for the team, or for individuals?

PEP is for both teams and individuals. We typically coach groups of six or so participants at a time, but those participants can represent either members of an intact team or workgroup, or be individuals from within the same company/organisation.
It is important that the participants work in the same location because our facilitator needs to be able to spend enough time with each participant at their own workstation to ensure that the PEP principles and processes are in place for them.

What does PEP cover?

PEP changes forever the way people work.

PEP helps people improve their workspace organisation by discussing:

  • structuring folders and files for easy access and information
  • file content
  • information retention
  • information retrieval, and
  • information management.

PEP helps people deal with ineffective (and often unconscious) working habits and routines including:

  • multiple handling of email (and paper)
  • distractions and loss of concentration from incomplete work
  • crisis management
  • interruptions, and
  • procrastination.

PEP develops positive and highly practical ways for people to improve:

  • work planning and time management
  • individual planning needs
  • project/key task planning and management
  • use of calendar: electronic and paper-based
  • prioritising and scheduling of work, and
  • linking of project/key task planning to daily activities.

PEP also equips participants with ways of improving effectiveness in teams, including:

  • personal responsibility, and
  • opportunities for team interaction.

What is different about PEP?

PEP does something no one else does. Its multi-session, “at the workstation” coaching-based methodology instils productivity practices for participants to get more important things done. It is the only program focused on workplace productivity that employs a coaching process immediately following each theory session.

Each day, we present the principles of PEP in a theory session for about two hours, after which we accompany participants to their work areas while they put the PEP principles in place. We coach, guide and advise according to their individual needs and circumstances. We then return to the training room for another two-hour theory session, followed by another practical session at the desk. This tight relationship between theory and practice represents best practice in adult learning, and is unique to PEP.

What is PEP?

The Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) is a practical program that will improve the way that everyone works with paper and electronic information. It is a personalised coaching program conducted primarily “one-to-one” with participants in their work areas. PEP can dramatically increase a person’s and team’s productivity because it deals with:

  • good working habits
  • personal work organisation
  • personal effectiveness, time management and work planning, and
  • team interaction and effectiveness.

By helping people to release their administrative burdens and achieve what matters most, PEP makes people feel good about their work. They feel empowered, happier and motivated. This in turn means significant cost and time savings, increased employee energy, and greater employee retention. Put simply: a workplace full of PEP is a better place to be.