Start Now: Key Steps To Help You To Reduce Distractions At Work

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 3 October, 2014

Trying to reduce distractions in the workplace can feel like a losing battle some days! Whether it’s the conversations of colleagues, the phone ringing or your ever increasing email backlog, there is always something trying to take your focus away from the task at hand.

The key is how we manage these interruptions so that we can get back to work as promptly as possible without feeling stressed by the process. Let’s look at some steps we can all take to help reduce distractions at work.

Adjust your seating arrangements

If your desk faces a commonly used walkway or door, there’s a good chance that you find yourself regularly looking up as someone catches your eye. Try to adjust your seating arrangement even if it means moving your chair, so you are not tempted to chat to anyone who walks by.

Limit interruptions from technology

Technology has certainly helped improve the way we work, however it can also be a hindrance, particularly if your email program alerts you for every new message. If your role allows, turn off email and only check your messages a few times a day. Set up some rules within your email client that will automatically filter and file incoming messages directly into folders. That way, when you do sit down to see what’s new you can go straight to a particular folder to action.

Try not to be social all the time

Social media is very much part of our business and it has proven to be a fantastic mechanism to drive traffic to our websites and generate sales. It can, however, take over our focus and become a significant distraction in our day. Although many companies are happy for employees to use social media for limited periods, such as lunch breaks, it can be a case of ‘once you start, you can’t stop’. Try to use it only for work purposes during business hours so you’re not tempted to waste time with social interaction.

Schedule meetings…for yourself

When your prioritised schedule is looking rather full and you know deadlines are just around the corner, do yourself a favour and book yourself into a meeting. A one-hour session, daily if need be, will give you solid, completely uninterrupted time to achieve tasks.

Look after yourself

When we are tired, hungry or just feeling a little out of sorts our productivity is significantly impacted and little things that may not normally bother us can easily distract our routine. Help yourself keep focus by taking breaks, trying to keep a good balance of work and play and keeping yourself hydrated. Distractions are inevitable but we can all learn some little tricks to reduce them and ensure we can remain as productive as possible.

If you are looking for more ways to limit distractions, chat to PEPworldwide today.

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