Organisational Productivity Skills Every Business Should Adopt

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 9 December, 2014

Businesses all across the country, staffed by talented employees, have the opportunity to perform more efficiently by empowering staff with the right organisational productivity skills.

Learning how to streamline your day, achieve the goals you’ve set and avoid the double handling of tasks will benefit everyone and result in far greater success for the business.

Email management

Everyone relies heavily on email in the business world. We have a fantastic range of tools and portable devices at our disposal that allow us to access our inboxes from wherever we are, but learning how to actually manage the flow of new mail can significantly help. • Automation: Email programs have the ability to automatically sort mail into pre-defined folders based on importance and task. Use this feature. • Signature: Make sure you have a signature set up to provide the recipient with a friendly greeting, your name and contact details. • Take action: When you pick up an email, action it. Don’t read half-heartedly and leave it for later.

Regular training is a must

Sometimes we struggle to perform in our roles because we are missing some of the vital skills that ensure we can complete tasks. Staff may require a simple refresher session or a hands-on workshop to ensure they can use the machinery or technology required. Whatever it is, ensuring all staff are appropriately trained regularly will help everyone compete their jobs as efficiently as possible.

Keep your workspace clean

As basic as this sounds, keeping a clean desk, ensuring documentation is filed appropriately and making use of centralized storage for commonly used information helps everyone get what they need when they need it. Stop shuffling papers looking for the one file you need now. Stop misplacing reports because they are buried under a pile of printed emails. Instead, make good use of cloud storage and print only the essential documents. Put aside a morning to create filing or labeling systems that make sense for your operational needs. You’ll work far more productively, save yourself time and save the business money down the track.

Meeting management

When tasked with organising a meeting, make sure you run it as efficiently as possible. Not only should you schedule it with appropriate lead-time, but also organize an agenda, notify everyone who is required to contribute and get it started on time. Learning how to effectively manage a meeting and achieve your agenda goals will ensure it is an hour well spent. When employees learn the right skills for prioritizing their workload, getting organised and ensuring they adopt efficient work practices the organisation as a whole benefits. If you are looking for new way to improve your organisation’s productivity, chat to PEPworldwide today.

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