Effective Planning - Big Rocks And The Art Of Priority Management

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 14 November, 2013

We all know how to plan. Without realising it we plan every day. But some of us are far better at following through and achieving our goals than others.

When you think about it though, in many cases it is not really our time management skills that need sharpening; it is our ability to plan effectively. Effective planning comes with knowing how to prioritise and how to manage those priorities. That is where the ‘big rocks’ come into play!

The Secret About Big Rocks That You Must Know

Big rocks go first‘Big Rocks’ are not obstacles. In fact they are the exact opposite. They are essential elements to effective planning. The idea is that the ‘big rocks’ represent the most important business priorities that must be scheduled first before anything else. Once you make time for these, you then fit the remaining items that you want to achieve around them. The secret is that if you don’t schedule these first, you will never fit them in.

Big Rocks Go First

The ‘big rocks’ are not just what is deemed to be the highest of priorities, they are those tasks that are essential to success. The art of priority management is knowing that you must identify them first, and then allocate time for them ahead of everything else. Typically these bigger tasks are those that continually get pushed aside. But not anymore. Limit them, somewhere between 3-5 is a good number, and add them into your schedule ensuring you allocate enough time to complete them.

Little Rocks Go Next

Once your ‘big rocks’ have been identified and have had time set aside to achieve them, you will notice that what is remaining are the smaller rocks. These rocks are all the other things you need to get done. This is effectively your daily to do list and these items need to be ranked from most to least importance. Stick to what matters most first and make sure you tick them off once completed.

Gaining Time Back Into Your Day

At PEPworldwide, our personal efficiency program is strategically designed to coach individuals manage priorities, work more effectively and gain more time every single day to use towards high priority activities. By not following this simple methodology, you may just find yourself failing to achieve and succeed in areas you most want to focus on because all of your small rocks have gotten in the way. You will be less stressed knowing that you have ticked off one of your big rocks, even if it is just one. Have you identified your big rocks? Click Like or Share now or add your comments!

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