Don’t Overlook The Importance Of Ongoing Staff Training

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 23 January, 2015

Behind any successful business is a team of skilled and highly trained staff. Productivity and efficiency are primary goals for all organisations and when you invest in your team and continue to train them, there are benefits to be enjoyed.

Motivated employees

When staff are trained to perform in their role and stretched to learn new skills, not only is it very rewarding for them, but it helps them feel more motivated and confident to complete required tasks. They’ll want to demonstrate their capabilities and continue to achieve. Enthusiasm is also very catchy, so watch it encourage others to want to achieve too!

Staff retention

Employees that are looked after are more likely to want to stay put. Staff feel valued when they are offered the chance to undergo training, participate in workshops and learn a new range of skills. It will allow them to progress further in a company and enjoy a rewarding career. From a business perspective, loyal staff who are able to perform and want to perform are well worth investing in ongoing.

Remove single dependency

It is highly risky for an organisation to have a single dependency for any one task. Not only can this risk be alleviated by cross training staff but also introducing succession plans so there is never an opportunity for performance to suffer when staff are absent or promoted into new roles. Those that are trained to step in when needed feel very important and will enjoy the challenge. Whilst training programs, workshops and one on one coaching sessions can appear costly, the benefits they provide employees greatly outweighs any short-term expense. The business too will see performance improvements and less need to re-do work when errors are made.

Staff thrive when they can perform in their roles without having to rely on others to help. When they see management investing time and money into them, they know they are valued and in turn want to strengthen their performance. It’s a positive cycle and one well worth being involved in.

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