Business Productivity Tools Give You Powerful Insight

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 25 November, 2014

There are a number of business productivity tools that can be used to give company owners a detailed picture of how things are running and, most importantly, help to identify areas where improvements can be made, leading to positive changes across the organisation.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using productivity tools in your business.

Workflow analysis

When processes and procedures are documented, more often than not a business finds steps that are no longer required, or are even quite inefficient. Analyzing the workflow from one department to another also helps to identify downtime and wasted efforts. When undertaken regularly, you’ll find the impact on the business as a whole is positive.

Task timing and planning

Having staff document the time they take to perform a specific task may feel like a ‘waste of time’ however it can actually give management a fantastic view of any planning changes that may need to be introduced. Looking at how staff spend their day and reviewing what it takes to complete particular work tasks may highlight the need to adjust staffing levels or set aside training time to improve efficiency.

Seeking feedback

Taking the time to seek feedback from staff will give you a great appreciation of where improvements can be made. Encourage them to give you examples of what they believe are the main causes of interruptions during the day and where they feel processes are not quite working to plan. Remember, your employees are closest to the task and may well have some innovative suggestions about improving workflow.

Taking a step forward

Knowing what to do with all of the knowledge you have acquired is essential and is the key to closing the gaps and improving the productivity of your business. When change occurs, staff need to be communicated with clearly and concisely and supported where they are impacted directly. By providing them with a picture of what is to occur and sharing your vision you will have greater success at getting them onboard. An organisation cannot effectively move forward without a clear map as to how they are currently performing. Using a set of tailored business productivity tools will help you see where improvements are needed. A new level of success is possible going forward once new initiatives are introduced.

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