5 Steps To Managing Your Workload

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 15 December, 2014

Daily pressures at work can be stressful and unless we have the tools to manage our workloads, we can very easily lose morale, become inefficient and miss deadlines.

These 5 tips will help you balance and manage your workload and gain back control over competing daily tasks and unexpected pressures at work.

1. Be in sync with the business

By touching base with your manager regularly, you can ensure that you are working towards the same goals and same big picture. When your to-do list and prioritised tasks are aligned to those of the business, you can be confident that you are ‘on the same page’ rather than wasting time on unimportant projects.

2. Control disruptions

Having the confidence to say ‘no’ to a casual corridor chat, the know-how to automate emails and the organisation skills to book meetings for yourself, will go a long way to controlling disruptions. The more time you have to achieve the big rocks and tick off the required tasks on your daily to-do list, the more motivated you will be. You’ll also find you have more time in-between projects to prepare for the unexpected spikes in urgent jobs that come along from time to time.

3. Delegate and seek input

Don’t overlook the benefits that your team and peers can bring to help you with your workload. Seeking input from others when you are faced with difficulties and learning to delegate to those with comparative skills will help you achieve your goals. Chances are, someone in your team has the perfect experience to help you out, saving you time and frustration.

4. Accept you have limitations

We cannot control everything. Start putting your focus on the situations that you can change, not on those you cannot, and you’ll be able to move forward to meet deadlines and complete tasks in tight timeframes. By dwelling on things that you cannot impact you will find that you waste precious time and it can negatively affect your workload.

5. Communication is key

Your method of communication needs to be clear, efficient and timely. Take immediate action to pass on important facts, seek feedback from those who are keen to share and make sure you listen to the opinions of others. Communication is key to ensuring you have clear goals and are working towards common outcomes. Our workload can vary from one day to the next and can often be unpredictable. By making sure we are equipped with the skills to adapt to whatever comes our way, we can ensure that we work as efficiently as possible and help the business achieve its bigger goals. Everyone needs to be able to effectively manage their workloads.

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