How Can I Improve my Employee Retention?

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 13 March, 2014

No doubt a lot of time and money was invested employing the right person for the job. The key now is to ensure your employees remain engaged and don’t leave unsatisfied.

Employee retention is arguably one of the primary measures of business health so knowing exactly where the focus needs to be is essential.  These top tips will get you on the right track.

Top five ways to retain your employees

The benefits of retaining great employees are significant.  You’ll see reduced turnover costs, improved productivity, greater morale and an engaged workforce. Employee retention matters and here’s how to go about it.

1. Training and use of the right tools

Investing in your staff is not a one-off requirement.  It needs to be regular and relevant to them and their role. Trained employees develop a greater sense of self worth and become far more valuable to your business.

It is essential too that employees have the right tools available to perform their job optimally or you’ll soon see they will seek out an employer does.

2. People development extends to managers too

Managers must ensure to make their staff feel valued.   They must set clear expectations and make themselves available for feedback and performance discussions.  When employees feel that senior management don’t even know they exist you’ll soon see them heading for the door.  

Take the time to get to know your employees.  Learn more about their interests and talents.  And do this regularly.  As a manager your role is to manage them but also to give guidance and the encouragement to go out and collaborate using their own initiative.

3. Communication is more than simply words spoken

Employees must be given the opportunity to speak and have their words heard. Their thoughts and opinions are often critical to the pathway a project takes.  Soliciting ideas via brainstorming sessions, regular gatherings and seeking feedback is beneficial to all. Employees see things from different perspective and can very often provide solutions well worth considering.

4. Employee utilization extends beyond the role

Motivated employees are always keen to contribute. Where possible, leverage off their talents and their desire and utilize them. Make the time to tap into their interests and give them the opportunity to be mentally challenged and try out new experiences. Whether it be attending a seminar, representing you at a workshop or simply having a task delegated to them, you’ll spice things up and put a bit of excitement back in the job.

5. Reward and recognition

Staff recognition need not be regular and it need not always be financial but it does need to be fair.  Employees need to feel appreciated.  With our working days rather stressful and deadlines around every corner, you’ll want to ensure your best employees are retained. 

A simple thank you and acknowledgement also goes a long way.

Interested in finding out more? PEPworldwide supports organisations manage their employee retention. Contact them to discuss your situation.

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