Top Time Management Tips You Must Know

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 21 May, 2014

You cannot get through a day without drawing upon time management strategies. Most of us don’t even realise that we apply our fine-tuned skills to everything we do both at home and at work.

You cannot get through a day without drawing upon time management strategies. Most of us don’t even realise that we apply our fine-tuned skills to everything we do both at home and at work. Time management is not optional. It’s one of the key ingredients to success and if you find yourself struggling to keep up with the pace, feeling stressed over workloads or just cannot seem to get everything achieved by the time your weary head hits the pillow at night, your skills may need a fine tune; particularly when it comes to succeeding at work. Take a look at these top tips.

They may just give you the extra techniques you need.

Prepare a task (to-do) list

As basic as it seems, when you de-clutter your mind and get everything on paper you will actually be taking the first and arguably most important step to managing your time. Stop waking up at night in a panic remembering tasks you should have done.

Stop forgetting the minor elements of a project because you didn’t note it down. Whether you use a piece of paper or a nifty technology device, start your task list and ensure it is dynamic. Why? Simply. Things change. Things change all the time.

Prioritise tasks and identify big rocks

A task list is essentially an unorganised, random, gathering of things you need to tick off. Unless they are prioritised you’ll possibly overlook deadlines and endure great stress. Time to identify the ‘big rocks’. No, they are not obstacles.

They are the important priorities that must be scheduled first before anything else. Once these items are locked in, then any remaining required tasks can be slotted around them. These ‘big rocks’ are the highest of priorities and also tasks that are essential to success.

Establish your own process for scheduling

Everyone has his or her own routine and you need to find one that best works for you. When you are given a new piece of work, how do you slot it into your current schedule? Do you thrive on pressure or prefer a more relaxed approach to knocking things off your list? What ever your tactics, make sure they work for you and stick to them. If you adjust your priorities when new tasks are allocated, continue to.

If you take an extra five minutes to confirm priorities and clarify requirements before you commence, do it. And don’t worry if your co-worker approaches their work slightly differently.

Do your best to minimize distractions

Distractions are inevitable but can take up so much of your day you can often feel that you’ve achieved nothing at all. It is time to take it upon yourself to minimize distractions as best you can.

These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Turn off email or put your telephone onto voicemail
  • Move to a quiet location or private room to complete work
  • Adjust your desk or seat to avoid eye contact with corridor traffic
  • Learn to say ‘no’

Take time to get your work-life balance in order

Taking time out to make time sounds a little strange but this is essential. Make the effort to stop work and eat lunch or go for a walk. It will allow you to clear your mind and return to your desk feeling less stressed. Learning to be ‘present’ means that when you are at work, you focus on the job at hand and when at home, make sure you are there in mind and in body. Getting the balance right will do wonders for helping you achieve without feeling flustered.

If you are seeking more time management tips and strategies to ensure time works with you and not against you, chat to the experts at PEPworldwide and learn to work smarter, not harder.

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