Racing Against The Clock And Need More Time? Tips For Improved Time Efficiency

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 10 February, 2014

You’ve just rushed out of a meeting and returned back to your desk to quickly finish a report due in the next hour. There are ten new emails awaiting your attention and your phone is flashing with missed calls. The stress has certainly kicked in. Sound familiar?

Do you often find yourself racing against the clock and feel you need more time to get everything done?  These tips for improved time efficiency will help you stay on top and in control.

Time To Take Control And Stop Racing Against The Clock

We know time can’t slow down to suit our needs, and daily demands won’t fade however if we want the stress to go away and the situation to change we need to take the first step.  These time management tips will put you on the path of success.

Prioritise Your To Do List Daily

To avoid being sidetracked, start the day with a task list and one that is for the tasks that need to be completed for that day only!  Don’t have a list that is never-ending and includes tasks for the following days.  It is psychologically defeating.  It never gets completed.

Big rocks come first and must be attended to first. Tick things off when they are done. And before the day is out, take a moment to set up a new list for the next day.

Establish A Plan Of Attack For Larger Projects

When a task has many facets, take a moment to identify an action plan.  What are the sequences of events that need to occur?  What tools and resources are needed? Tackle each step in order to ensure a clearer process and that way nothing is left out.

Be Realistic – Goals Must Be Achievable

Whilst we all want to conquer the highest mountain it may not be achievable today.   Setting realistic goals provides for a greater sense of achievement and greater use of limited time.  Don’t attempt to fill your schedule with too much, as it will instantly cause you to feel rushed and frustrated.

Minimize Interruptions – Schedule Downtime

Distractions and interruptions are common, however do your part to make sure they don’t cause you greater angst.  Turn off email notifications and anything else that may pop up taking your focus off the job. Schedule downtime into your day to allow for the odd question or urgent matter. Making time for the unexpected will leave you feeling less frantic. And you may end up with some spare pockets of time up your sleeve.

TakeBusiness man taking a break A Break – Work Life Balance Is Important

Take a break.  Schedule it if you have to, but take it.  In addition to lunch, spend five minutes to walk around the office or out into the fresh air.  Read the newspaper or do the daily crossword; anything to take your mind off the task at hand. You will end up feeling fresh and ready to go again.

Improved Time Efficiency Requires Flexibility

Time is both precious and valuable so be flexible, set up a plan of attack and remember that speed humps are everywhere.   If you only gain one hour a day, that is one very powerful hour. Improved time efficiency is real and achievable.   

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