Back To Basics: 10 Tips to Reduce Work Stress

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 18 September, 2014

Whether you think so or not, you may be exposed to a great deal of stress at work. If you do nothing to reduce stress, you might find that you are getting sick more often, feeling tired and generally run down. It is very important to keep an eye on your stress levels and reduce them where possible.

Here are 10 tips to help you to reduce work stress:

  1. Delegate. If you are trying to "do it all" you are not doing yourself any favours. Give up some of the control and allow others to help you.
  2. Take a break once in a while. Never work through the whole day without stopping. Make sure you have a lunch break, two fifteen minute coffee breaks and do not stay overtime after hours every day. 
  3. Put your phone on DND. If phone calls are preventing you from getting your work done, don't take those calls. Have your assistant screen your calls or let them go to voicemail. Choose a time at the end of the day where you review your voicemail.
  4. Read emails a few times per day. Email can suck all the time out of your day and become very stressful when it eats up your time.  Do it in chunks.
  5. Hold scheduled meetings to deal with issues and stick to the time allotted for the meeting.
  6. Exercise. Get outside for a walk and recharge.
  7. Background music. Listen to music that relaxes you.
  8. Avoid stress-inducing office gossip. It is never good to dish negative thoughts about co-workers. Most of the time people are going on half-truths and very little information.
  9. Breathing exercises. Deep breathing can help you to refocus your energy and release your stress.
  10. Plan properly. Spend at least twenty minutes per day planning ahead for the next day. Make a list of things that need to be done, but keep it to a reasonable and do-able length.

Pro-actively dealing with work stress can help you to avoid illness and burnout. Talk to your line managers.

Read how we can help your employees reduce work stress:

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