Activity Based Working - Why Activity Based Working Environments Work

Published by Kathryn Anda, PEPworldwide on 21 January, 2014

The concept is real. Its principles are centered on the belief that a fluid-working environment, where employees are no longer bound to one desk in a corner of the office or behind cubical walls, allows for increased morale, productivity and results.

Activity based working environments facilitate collaboration, flexibility and efficiency and are leaving their traditional counterparts for dust.

Activity based working environments work. Here’s why.

The Death Of Distance

Man peering over cubicle at working spaceBeing able to co-locate with members of different departments and share workspaces allows for constructive face-to-face discussions and the ability to get the job done. Time is precious so being able to use time effectively is essential and this is where the benefit of an activity based working environment comes into play.  

Impromptu gatherings are productive and can often result in being the key to an effective meeting.   Furthermore, breaking down the silos between departments results in greater working relationships, and allows people to mix when normally they would not have the opportunity.

New conversations can bring with it new ideas and a different perspective.  This is healthy for any organization.

Reduce Distractions and Interruptions

In complete contrast, the flexibility provided also allows employees to move to a quiet and private location should they feel the need to, to allow them time to focus and complete high priority tasks.  The ability to reduce distractions and interruptions means greater productivity and less stress.

Leverage Off Technology

Using technology advancements such as laptops, portable tablets and cordless phones allows for these fluid environments to work optimally.  But what is also an important requirement is the use of available cloud storage to enable remotely accessible backups.

No matter where you choose to work on any particular day, you can always access your required files and data and pick up where you left off.

How Can You Make It Work For You?

Whilst the office design and layout is essential to making this work, there will need to be a shift in workplace culture.  The concept is different.  Some may choose to locate themselves in the same place more often than not however, you will be amazed at the positive vibe the new space creates.

On an average day, it would be rare to find an office with 100% occupancy. An activity based working environment allows for the opportunity to utilize a reduced floor space, see a reduction in energy consumption and lower costs. The potential impact on the bottom line will be self-evident.

Interested in finding out how this may work for you? PEPworldwide supports organisations transition to an Activity-Based Working environment. Contact them to discuss your situation.

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