Our People


Marie Kiely

PEP Consultant

About Marie Kiely

Marie has been a senior manager in the public sector, is the managing director of a public health communications company and joined PEP as a consultant last year. The skills she developed as a consultant delivering leadership training, facilitating strategic planning and coaching senior executives are fully utilised in her role with PEP.

Marie is passionate about working with people and organisations creating solutions and possibilities.  

Marie Kiely's view on PEP

"PEP is a deceptively simple programme, which packs a powerful punch, transforming the way participants think about and deliver their work results.


•  BA Double Major English and History
•  Team Management & Leadership Programme


•  Yoga provides me with quiet and peace balancing the activities of my life
•  I love travel and immersing myself in new worlds
•  Eating and drinking with family and friends is a constant source of pleasure