Our People


Helen Davison

Senior Consultant

About Helen Davison

Helen initially commenced facilitating the Personal Efficiency Programme in 1999, while working as the Learning & Development Manager at Trade NZ.  She introduced and facilitated PEP through the Trade NZ offices internationally.

Helen has over 17 years’ experience in learning and development and human resources. In particular her expertise is in development, design and implementation of organisational development initiatives, leading to organisational effectiveness, and also executive coaching.

Helen loves seeing the changes that PEP helps bring about in organisations, especially coaching senior managers to change and improve the way that they work, because it has a flow-on effect for the whole organisation. Leading by example means that managers can model effective behaviours and demonstrate a great work-life balance.

Helen Davison's view on PEP

"PEP is a program which has a huge impact on organisational effectiveness, but it is the individuals I remember the most. I’ll never forget the first time someone said 'You’ve changed my life!'."

  • Diploma in Business Management, endorsed in Training & Development


  1. Fitness & health enthusiast with a passion for cycling and kickboxing
  2. Mum to Holly and Luke
  3. Avid bookworm and keen movie-goer.