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Nikki Hommes


About Nikki Hommes

Nikki joined the Auckland team in 2011, bringing with her many years of experience managing teams in various businesses, and a clear understanding of the challenges that face us all in our daily work.  Her experience allows her to assist with the application of the tools and principles being taught. In the delivery of the programs she can focus on real-world application of the knowledge.

Nikki has been a company owner, board director, manager, facilitator, trainer and coach for many years and this enables her to assist people in turn learning to application.  Her experience covers retail, insurance, hospitality, government departments, telecommunications, and financial institutions.  She is passionate about unleashing potential within people, and this includes facilitating communication, change, leadership and personal effectiveness programmes.  

She has trained in South Africa, Mauritius, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand.

Nikki Hommes's view on PEP

"PEP influences how I do everything, both in my work and personal life. Since discovering PEP about 6 years ago I have been a fan.  It makes me very effective and I achieve so much every day. 

"I am recently trained to deliver PEP training and really enjoy the experience of helping people change their working practices for the better, becoming more efficient and effective.

"I love people and when they see their own potential and unleash it … then I know that facilitating and coaching is what I love doing and want to do it every day."

  • MBA
  • Life, Workplace & Executive Coaching
  • Master TetraMap Facilitator
  • National Higher Diploma Food Service Management
  • Diploma in Public Relations.


  • Loves swimming with dolphins
  • Passionate about people and animals
  • Passionate about living life to the full.