Our People


Kathryn Anda

Managing Director

About Kathryn Anda

Kathryn started PEP in New Zealand in 1995, and soon established the business, then known as IBT NZ, as New Zealand's busiest and most respected white collar productivity specialists. Numbered among her clients are many household names in New Zealand business. She is a dynamic and energetic speaker and coach.

Kathryn Anda's view on PEP

"I attended the Personal Efficiency Program in 1993 when it was introduced into Lion Nathan from the UK.  It changed my life!!  Now I get great pleasure out of changing other people’s lives through PEP."

  • Bachelor of Business Studies


  • I love fishing – it is a time to relax but can be a great exercise regime when you land the big ones!
  • Enjoys quality red wine
  • Keen jigsaw puzzler