Our People


Jason Hewett

Senior Consultant

About Jason Hewett

Jason has been with PEP for over 5 years and has worked in many varied industries. He has a strong background in brands, project and event management and spent 8 years overseas as a professional rugby player and coach.

Jason has a passion for excellence and is unashamed and transparent. He sees the parallels in the raw drive to succeed in elite sport and in the work arena.

Jason’s PEP goal is to work alongside organisations and individuals to reach their full potential.

Jason Hewett's view on PEP

"The impact PEP makes in organisations and in people’s lives is a fantastic thing to be part of. Every day I feel privileged to share the positive changes made to businesses and individuals.

  • Bachelor of Business Studies
  • Double Major in Management Systems and Human Resource Management.


  • Favourite food - my mums lasagne. World's best.
  • Strangest moment - waking up in Scotland having dreamt of delivering an amazing pre game  team talk to my Scottish rugby team - in perfect Japanese. I couldn't work out which was freakiest: that my Japanese was so perfect; or that the Scottish players understood Japanese completely. Very bizarre.
  • Tried Bikram yoga. Twice. Terrified the life out of me.