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Craig Chappell


About Craig Chappell

Craig began his career as a facilitator and programme designer of adult learning in 2000. Working within both public and private sector organisations he has gained experience within organisational learning, HR and Recruitment. He has also designed and managed innovative projects within Youth Justice and 'Back to Work'  programmes with the unemployed in his native UK.

Craig is passionate about human dynamics and coaching. He is a qualified practitioner of NLP& MBTI and is a board member on the New Zealand Association for Psychological Type (NZAPT).

Craig Chappell's view on PEP

"I have a confession, I was Mr Disorganised. The PEP principles and methodologies have allowed me to focus and prioritise. As a facilitator of PEP, I really like how PEP is constantly evolving in line with new technologies to ensure its current and relevant to our clients.

From my own experience I have yet to participate or facilitate a programme that has such an immediate, substantial and long lasting results like PEP does. I'm all about work/life balance and It's a great feeling being a facilitator of something that can illicit such engagement, positivity and great feedback from its participants".

  • Qualified Practitioner of NLP
  • MBTI Accredited


  • I like to try my hand at landscape photography
  • Keen renovator and property developer
  • I'm Motorsport mad