Our People


Anna van der Plank

PEP Consultant

About Anna van der Plank

Anna has joined PEP in 2014 and has a broad background in business ownership, management consulting, politics, executive mediation and coaching. 

Anna is a very open, dedicated and social person who focuses on seeing people for who they are. She is fluent in 4 languages and easily connects with people from all walks of life. Her favourite saying is “every judgement should end with a question mark?” 

Anna is passionate about supporting people to improve their wellbeing. She enjoys cutting through barriers with her respectful, honest, open and straight up approach.

Anna van der Plank's view on PEP

“The awareness that transpires from having done the PEP program is so powerful that I believe it truly empowers people to instigate life altering positive change.”

  • Bachelor in Business Management


  • Practices Qigong
  • Has traveled around the globe
  • Family, friends, laughter, creating beautiful memories and experiences together