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Janice Seary


About Janice Seary

"Everyone says we should work smarter not harder. What does that mean?” That was the question Janice had before she discovered PEP.  She now feels PEP has opened her eyes to the importance of planning and being proactive and how to DO IT!  I want to share that with others.  She has personally seen the difference it has made for clients, both professionally and personally.

Janice joined the Canberra team in 2011. She has a professional background in Education, with experience in the formative primary school years through to senior secondary years, where Vocational Education is a key focus for young people.

Janice is an enthusiastic facilitator and enjoys working one on one with participants to encourage them to gain the most from our programs.

Janice Seary's view on PEP

"It’s very satisfying when someone has an ‘aha’ moment and simple principles start to make a big difference to their work performance and their work-life balance.

"My philosophical perspective on learning has always been the focus on relationships. When people respect what you do and how you do it, they will want to learn from you."

  • Bachelor of Education (Physical Education and Health)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment


  1. Being active with my family – sport, bike riding and picnics
  2. Going to the gym – Yoga/pilates and weights
  3. Camping with friends.