Our People


Ian Higginbottom

PEP Consultant

About Ian Higginbottom

Ian brings to PEP 15 years experience as a business leader and senior manager in the Hobart based software company Myriax Pty Ltd, which he founded with two colleagues in 1995.  Ian drove the company's focus on quality communication, exceptional service, and excellence to build an export business with worldwide markets.

Ian has utilised training and coaching throughout his career to expand what he thought possible and to expand his capacity to perform and lead.

Ian now delivers workshops and coaching that develop the deep communication skills required for high performance teams, building quality working relationships and helping people go beyond what they think is possible in life.

Ian Higginbottom's view on PEP

"It’s great that PEP delivers real improvement in productivity but what really inspires me is that the application of the simple PEP principles leads participants to enjoying their work so much more. I love the learning-by-doing approach and seeing people get so much from the program."


•  BSc (Hons), Physics
•  Certified NLP Master Practitioner
•  Diploma Meditation Teaching
•  Graduate Diploma in Ontological Coaching


•  Inspired to create community at home, at work and in the world.
•  Loves skiing with family and friends
•  Loves to travel