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Fiona Oliver

Executive Consultant and Account Executive

About Fiona Oliver

Fiona has been working with PEPworldwide in the Government Services office in Canberra since 2002, but her personal experience with the Personal Efficiency Program began back in 1997 when she held a senior role at RMIT University. After reading Kerry Gleeson's The Personal Efficiency Program she implemented the PEP principles and finally gained mastery over her in-box and the mountains of paper that passed over her desk.

"I've never looked back since that time. Application of the PEP principles transformed my own working life and every time I coach a senior executive or a participant in one of our programs, I see the PEP principles having the same positive impact."

Fiona has extensive management and leadership experience and, in addition to her public sector career, worked for 10 years as a management consultant working with both public and private sector organisations in the fields of quality and change management, strategic, business and team planning, organisational self-assessment and performance reporting systems, organisational surveys, statistical analyses and research, design and delivery of workplace training programs and small and large group facilitations with staff at all levels of seniority.  

Fiona Oliver's view on PEP

"My favourite PEP win was when one of my senior executive PEP participants told me that his improved productivity meant that he didn’t need to take his laptop computer home to do catch up work. What a great result, for him, his employer and his family!"

  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Certificate IV Quality Management Assessment
  • Graduate Certificate in Management
  • Bachelor of Science (First Class Honours)
  • Accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicators
  • Accredited in Team Management Profiles.


  1. Speed reader of crime fiction – I just want to find out whodunit!
  2. To misquote Archimedes, “Give me a knitting needle long enough and some wool on which to place it and I shall clothe the world.”
  3. Addicted to choc top ice cream when going to the movies.