Our People


Ronita Neal

PEP Consultant

About Ronita Neal

Prior to joining PEP Ronita has worked for 25 years in many different settings including Commonwealth and State Public Service, the private sector, Higher Education sector, and the Health sector. She has coached people in a range of positions across these areas, and is familiar with the range of challenges that can arise in the course of daily work.

She has also delivered training to a diverse range of people including long term unemployed, business owners, and post-graduate university students. She is a qualified psychologist (working with a coaching approach) and member of two professional coaching organisations.

Ronita’s focus for her work is to “change people’s lives”. She enjoys working with people, providing support and encouragement as they work towards reaching their full potential.

Ronita Neal's view on PEP

“In many of the roles I have done over the years I could see how they were often overwhelmed and stressed by a lack of knowledge of how to win the day to day struggle of getting everything done. They would often get to the end of the day and feel they had not achieved any of the important things on the list.  I had experienced this myself in previous positions when I was left to figure out by myself how to work efficiently.

Now I love seeing people use the principles and tools provided by PEP to gain control over how they work. This fees them up to concentrate on tasks that make a bigger impact, and to see new pathways to how this could be done. It also allows them to feel less stressed as they see themselves more able to achieve their goals.”


•    Qualified and Registered Psychologist (BA (Behavioural Science) BA (Hons) Psychology
•    Post Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching
•    Certificate IV Training and Assessment
•    President of ICFAQ
•    Member ANZI Coaching


•  Love to keep fit. I give myself constant challenges including improving my time for the 10K “fun” run

•  Love playing a variety of musical instruments (occasionally in public)

•  Enjoys setting fire to glass…. Making glass beads and designing jewellery. Also enjoy less dangerous artistic media including pastel painting and silk painting.