Our People


Meg Hart

PEP Consultant

About Meg Hart

Meg has worked internationally as an organisational psychologist and executive coach delivering programs in personal leadership, culture change and cross-cultural team effectiveness for over 20 years. She has been delivering PEP in Australia since 2005 in a wide variety of business and government organisations and has found PEP’s coaching-based methodology the most effective way to help people consistently achieve their best performance in their work.

Meg Hart's view on PEP

“I’ve delivered hundreds of motivational and leadership workshops all over the world and have found PEP to be one of the most useful and “therapeutic” for my clients. Because, when we change old habits like disorganisation and poor prioritising of our time and energy into new habits like clarity of purpose, realistic prioritising and being organised, we really feel the difference in our lives – that’s life/work balance!”

  • Bachelor of Social Science (University of Hong Kong)
  • Master of Applied Science, Coaching Psychology (University of Sydney)


  • Board member of Buddhist Council NSW
  • Passion for Writing (Alumni of Varuna Writers House) .
  • Intrepid traveller (including Tibet, Trans-Siberian Railway, India, China, Bhutan)