Our People


Jocelyn McCourt

Marketing Assistant

About Jocelyn McCourt

Jocelyn’s role at PEPworldwide is to analyse statistical data and compile reports using completed surveys and feedback from participants both before and after they've completed PEP.   Working to produce a critical part of the PEP offering, Jocelyn constantly sees first hand how life changing PEP is, not just for people at their place of work, but also for the benefits seen in their personal life. 

An observation that Jocelyn notices regularly in feedback is when asked if participants could tell us who they think would benefit from PEP, an overwhelming number of participants write 'everyone!'

Jocelyn McCourt's view on PEP

Some of my personal favourite feedback includes:

  • "This is the first course where I found greatest value and am actually implementing what I learnt, on a daily basis. I can't imagine going back to my old work habits."
  • "PEP is amazing! I am now going home each day without any nagging doubts about what I may have left undone and what I need to do the next day."
  • "After PEP I am now sleeping better."

  • Diploma Public Relations
  • Diploma Interior Design.


  1. Happiest spending time laughing with her family
  2. Passionate about sourcing & researching Antiques and unusual/interesting objects
  3. Favourite time of year is the annual “extended family” Ski Trip.