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Create the conditions to allow you to work best.

Who is PEPworldwide

We are a flexible and growing organisation that works with our clients to create an environment where their organisation, teams and individuals can:

  • Do more meaningful and important work each day
  • Make more progress with their work
  • Feel more in control, motivated and satisfied, and
  • Improve their work lives (and therefore also other parts of lives).

Our success has been built over 20 years through building long term, excellent relationships with our clients across all levels of the Federal government and through our expertise in personal and team productivity.

What we do

The Personal Efficiency Program (PEP)

Through our premier Personal Efficiency Program (PEP), we use a blend of training, coaching and facilitation to work with people who are trying to improve the quality of their work life.  Our training, coaching and facilitation is underpinned by contemporary research, which is reinforced by decades of experience working with individuals and teams across a range of organisation types and contexts.

Our programs focus on three inter-related areas—efficiency, effectiveness and working effectively together—that positively reinforce each other.  The various forms of the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP) are underpinned by a set of design and delivery principles that we know from experience will always produce the right result for our participants and clients.

Our products


This is our core product and it is a four-day program that is typically delivered over 6 weeks for a small group of participants.  The focus is on helping participants create the conditions to work more efficiently and effectively themselves and to help them work more effectively together with their team members.  There is also a strong focus on improved efficiency in using electronic tools.

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This is a PEP program that is customised to address the specific needs of a busy senior executive and their executive assistant and/or executive officer.  An execPEP is typically delivered in 1-3 hour blocks over many weeks, and usually comprises 12 hours of coaching.  The focus is on 1-1 coaching applying PEP principles to significantly improve efficiency and effectiveness outcomes.

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This one-day version of PEP is a personalised, customised refresher for PEP principles, models and tools and is only available for people who have previously completed the Personal Efficiency Program.

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How we work

Create the conditions to allow you to work best.

We work in partnership with each other and with our clients. We know that when those partnerships are collaborative, and are motivated by achieving joint success, then everybody wins.  Every person within our business contributes in different ways to these successful partnerships.

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